Thanks to everyone who participated in, helped out or just cheered others on at our first annual Hometown Hoedown!

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Please note new On Ramp Sessions are on hold for the Holiday Season and will be resumed on 1/13/2015. If you would like to get started at CrossFit Davis during that time please contact us about personal training.

  • December 17, 2014




    Work up to a heavy 3 rep max for the day.  The first few sets should be very light.  Remember to practice setting your back as you address the bar and assess your setup before you lift.  Maintain your posture as you increase the weight and work up in weight in small increments.   Take this time to judge your performance by your movement.  Your back should be flat and your legs track uniformly over the feet.

    AMRAP in 6 Minutes

    5 Hang Power Clean 155/105lbs
    10 Box Jump 24/20″

    Workout notes: This combo should feel similar to our deadlift/box jump combo from December 9! These two movements also compliment each other but  the clean taxes the grip as you won’t be able to perform the reps with a mixed grip. Review the hook grip! Going unbroken isn’t required of course but you will want to be able to perform sets of your chosen weight when fresh.

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