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CrossFit Davis is a community of individuals dedicated to living better and being healthy, we work hard and have fun. We believe in eating, exercising and living with a purpose. The heart and soul of CrossFit Davis are the people in it. We learn and grow with each other through hard work and determination. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned athlete or haven’t worked out in years, we believe you will benefit from the experience you have here. You will learn new skills, perfect old ones and find a part of yourself you never knew you had, and best of all you’ll have fun doing it! So take a look around the site to see what the CrossFit Davis community has to offer and contact us or stop by if you have any questions!

  • October 16, 2017

    Mark your calendars! The date is set for our 4th annual Hometown Hoedown, in house competition and member celebration. Don’t miss it! This year will not disappoint!


    EMOM for 10 Minutes

    [odd] Kipping chest to bar pull-ups
    [even] 40 second arch hold

    For this skill work you will be working on maintaining a set of kipping pull-ups for 5 rounds and an arch hold for 5 rounds. If you are new to the kipping swings you should be working the cadence and timing of your swing so you can link repetitions together.  That usually means working on small sets of 2-5 for each round. Leave yourself plenty of rest so you can lower the intensity and use this as skill work.   If you are still working on building the strength to support kipping swings and pull-ups work for about 30 seconds performing jumping pull-ups with a slow lower down.  On even rounds you will work the arch position for as much of 40 seconds as possible. Keep your body tight with legs and arms extended.  For an additional challenge try hold a PVC pipe with your arms outstretched.


    AMRAP in 10 Minutes
    10 Medicine Ball Clean 20/14 lb
    10 Push ups

    Workout notes: Today’s workout features one of CrossFit’s nine foundational movements.  The medicine ball clean may look simple but it requires quick reflexes and coordination to perform properly. Start by deadlifting the ball off of the floor and as the ball passes your knees quickly open the hips to create some vertical momentum.  Immediately after full extension you will need to drop under the ball while rotating your hands around the ball while dropping into a full squat.  Stand up and you have finished the rep.  Scale your push-ups to a standard for the entire workout even as they become more difficult under fatigue. Maintain a rigid torso throughout the entire rep.

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