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April 23, 2018

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EMOM for 10 Minutes
[odd] 30 second handstand hold
[even] 30 second arch hold

Today’s skill work involves two gymnastic positions.  On every odd minute hold a handstand for as much of thirty seconds as you are capable. Ideally we’ll hold the handstand facing the wall in a tight hollow body position.  If you are new to the movement you can practice kicking up with your back facing the wall or use a box to and hold a pike position with your torso vertical and hips bent. On the even minutes hold an arch or superman on the floor with your arms outstretched and legs extended. For an extra challenge try this with a PVC pipe.


for time
Alternating kettlebell clean & jerk 32/24 kg
Box jump 24/20″

Workout notes

If you were able to participate in our workout yesterday we saw a high number of kettlebell snatches using a moderate weight. Today we’re bumping up the load and performing clean and jerks.  This movement will feel similar to the snatch, but is often found to be a bit more simple mechanically. Use the same starting position as a snatch but bring the kettlebell to rest at your shoulder prior to sending the weight overhead.  Keep your elbow tucked in front of you with the kettlebell at your shoulder as your drive with your legs to either push press or jerk the kettlebell overhead. Make sure to end the movement with a locked out elbow and the kettlebell stacked right over your shoulder.  The box jump volume is on the high side for each set so make sure to choose a box you are comfortable jumping to when fresh and under fatigue.


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