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September 22, 2018

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5 2.5 -Minute rounds of

10 lateral burpees over the bar
200M Run
Max reps thrusters 95/65 lb

2.5 minutes rest between rounds

Workout notes

This interval style workout has a total of five rounds with a 1:1 work rest ratio.  You will have two and a half minutes to complete the “buy in” of ten burpees and a two-hundred meter run.  When you return from the run spend your remaining time accumulating as many thrusters as possible. Rest for two and a half minutes and then repeat four more times.  Your score will be your total number of thrusters completed after you finish that fifth round.  Use a light  weight that allows you to complete your reps in small to medium sized sets. Consider scaling the burpees and/or run distance if needed to allow you to treat each round as a sprint and so that you are able to spend at least thirty seconds on the barbell in each round.


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