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August 20, 2019

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5 rounds of

30 seconds of power snatch
90 seconds rest
30 seconds of lateral burpees over the bar
90 seconds rest

Today’s skill work focuses on intensity training. You’ll have 30 seconds to complete a large set of unbroken TnG snatches. For advanced athletes getting 15 reps with 95/65 lb or  75/55 lb will be a big challenge.  For all athletes we’re looking for a large set at a very light weight.  Use your barbell to practice quick repetitions jumping over the barbell after springing up from the floor.  For this movement practice quick and explosive reps with additional rest rather than moving slowly for the full 30 seconds.


AMRAP in 7  Minutes *
Alternating dumbbell clean & jerk 50/35 lb

* 6 Jumping alternating lunges every EMOM

Workout notes

Your score for today’s workout will be the total number  dumbbell clean & jerks completed in seven minutes.  You will have a “buy in” of six alternating jumping lunges every minute starting at 0:00. Do your best to move quickly through the lunges and scale the number of reps if needed so you leave at least forty-five seconds to work on clean & jerks.

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