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February 15, 2019

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EMOM for 10 Minutes

Power clean + hang power clean

We’ll be working on a two rep barbell complex for todays’ skill work.  In the clean your goal is to lift the bar from the floor to the shoulders.  Set your stance with your feet under the hips in a “jumping” stance.  Pull the bar up from the floor under control with your hips low and chest up as the bar passes your knees you should aggressively open the hips to drive the bar upward and quickly rotate your elbows around the bar while dropping into a partial squat. At this point you can finish by standing up.  The second rep of the complex will start from the hang position. Reset your grip and stance if needed before carefully lowering the bar to your thighs.  In the hang clean you should hit the same positions as the clean from the floor.  Start by bending the knees slightly and then at the hips.  Next start an aggressive hit drive and finish the second rep the same as the first.


AMRAP in 7 Minutes

7 Hang power clean 135/95 lb
21 Double under

Workout notes

This couplet is a short high intensity sprint.  Ideally your scaling should have you working continuously for all seven minutes with short periods of rest as needed.  Your hang power clean weight should be on the lighter side.  You should easily be able to complete a set of seven hang cleans without setting the bar down when you are fresh.  If you chose to work up to a strong effort lift during the skill work, use that as a guide and scale to something less than 60% of what a maximal effort lift would be.  Double unders can be scaled to single unders but you should use this opportunity to work on the skill if possible.  Try at least one double under in every round!


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