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August 21, 2018

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EMOM for 10 Minutes
[odd] 30 Seconds of Handstand Push-ups
[even] 30 Seconds of Double Unders

We have two difficult movements in today’s skill work. You will have five attempts at each movement to complete as many reps as possible in thirty seconds.  If you are proficient at both movements work on completing a large set of unbroken reps. If you are new to either movement attempt two-three sets without hitting failure.


for time
50-35-20 *
Kettlebell Swing 32/24 kg

* 400M Run after every set

Workout notes

This workout is a three round couplet with descending reps of kettlebell swings.  Use a familiar weight and try to start the workout by knocking out as much of the fifty reps as you can.  Use the first two runs as recovery and start your second and third rounds of swings in the same manner as the first. Start with a large set and chip away with moderate sized sets.  Your last 400 should be an all out effort!



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