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October 17, 2019

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EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Slow pull squat clean

Today’s skill work has us working on positional awareness in the first pull of the squat clean.  Start by lifting  the bar from the floor as you keep your hips low and your back upright.  Practice pulling  the bar off of the floor under control and gradually increase speed without compromising your upper body positioning.   As the bar passes your knees, violently open the hips to create vertical lift and quickly drop into a receiving position.  When you catch the bar in the bottom of your squat drive the bar upward aggressively to finish the rep.  You will have ten opportunities to work on this lift so make every rep count.   Remember that this is skill work so maxing out your lift is not a priority. Start light and work up to a moderate load that allows you to test a reasonable weight but do not sacrifice your mechanics.


Tabata Strict pull-ups
Tabata Sit-ups
Tabata Two arm dumbbell push presses 50/35 lb
Tabata Air Squats

Alternate movements, no rest between rounds

Workout notes

Today we have a four movement interval workout using the Tabata timer. There are three bodyweight movements along with a two arm dumbbell push press.   Scale the pull-ups by using a band or the rings for ring rows. For the push press use a weight that is fairly light, ideally you are working for most of the twenty seconds in one set.  The Tabata interval is eight rounds of twenty seconds on and ten seconds off. In this version we’ll alternate between stations until you have hit all four movements eight times.   Treat this like an AMRAP and count your total number of reps for the entire workout to come up with one big number for your final score.


What's everyone thinking for 20.2?? Do we have some gymnastics coming our way?! 20.2 will be released on Thursday at 5pm! We are excited for another fun Saturday with you all!
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Don't forget to post those scores!! 20.1 scores are due by 5pm today!! I know you didn't do all those burpees for nothing right?! 😉 #crossfitdavis #intheopen #20point1 #2020open #openinoctober #community ...

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20.1 was a success! Awesome job to everyone that got the workout done today! That was not easy! But it's always more fun to suffer with friends! Make sure to get your scores in and we'll see you next Saturday for more fun!! #crossfitdavis #intheopen #open2020 #openinoctober #community ...

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Who's ready for some fun tomorrow?! If you are signed up for The Open we will see you at 10:30! Normal class schedule for 8:30 and 9:30 classes. It's not too late to sign up! #crossfitdavis #intheopen #open2020 #openinoctober #community ...

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YOGA IS BACK!! Don't miss out on Sunday Yoga! Did you know we have Yoga every Sunday at 8am at CFD?! The perfect way to start off your day! Don't miss it! See you Sunday! 🧘🧘‍♀️ #crossfitdavis #yogaatCFD ...

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20.1 has been announced!! This one looks brutal guys but hey, atleast we're getting the burpees out of the way early right?! 🤔 Looking forward to suffering through this together on Saturday! #crossfitdavis #intheopen #open2020 #openinoctober #community #burpees ...

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THE OPEN STARTS TODAY!! 20.1 will be released at 5pm and we'll be completing the workout on Saturday starting at 10:30am with all those who have signed up! If you don't want to miss out on the fun (and a few no-reps😂) make sure to sign up at! #crossfitdavis #intheopen #open2020 #openinoctober #community ...

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The Open starts this week!! Have you signed up yet?! We'll be doing the workouts every Saturday at 10:30 am! Don't miss out on a chance to challenge yourself and a ton of fun with the CFD community! #crossfitdavis #intheopen #open2020 #openinoctober #community ...

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NO YOGA TOMORROW!! Regular Sunday Yoga will resume NEXT SUNDAY! #yogaatCFD #crossfitdavis ...

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We hate goodbyes at CFD! @adile_feyzieva you have been such a wonderful addition to our gym and we will miss you so much! Best of luck to you and make sure to come back to visit us! #crossfitdavis #community #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Have you signed up for The Open yet?!! We're less than two weeks out guys! Don't miss out on a chance to challenge yourself against 5 tough workouts and an opportunity to connect and bond with our amazing community at CFD! Get signed up today at! #crossfitdavis #intheopen #crossfit #open2020 #openinoctober #community ...

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Don't forget about YOGA TOMORROW!! Every Sunday at 8am we are lucky enough to have Yoga at CFD! It's the perfect way to start your Sunday! See you all tomorrow! #yogaatCFD #crossfitdavis #sundayyoga #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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