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December 5, 2019

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Two rounds of Tabata alternating between both movements

Arch hold

We’ve got two skills on the menu today for our double tabata.  The Tabata interval is 8 rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for a total of 4 minutes. We’ll do 8 rounds of each movement so we’ll have 16 rounds total and 8 minutes of work including the rest.  For the L-Seat we will be sitting on the floor with legs straight and elevated.  The most difficult standard is to hold the legs in the air for the full 20 seconds with your hands on the ground beyond your knees. Putting your hands farther in front of your body will make the movement more difficult.  Most athletes will find this standard very challenging. On alternating rounds roll over and attempt a “superman”, or “arch” hold. During the arch hold focus on a tight body position with glutes squeezed, legs together and arms locked out at shoulder width.


5 Rounds with 1 minute on each station

Sandbag bear hug lunges 100/70 lb
Two arm dumbbell clean & jerks 50/35 lb
Row for calories

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a five round interval workout with three movements and a minute rest between each round. That puts us at just under twenty minutes so consider this a longer duration workout.  The first movement in our trio is probably a new one for you.  You’ll hold a sandbag at your chest and lunge in place for as much of the minute as you can.  Most of us will probably break the minute up into sets but use a light enough weight that you are keeping that number small. Second you will have a minute to knock out dumbbell clean and jerks.  Small sets are fine but you don’t want a weight so heavy that you are forced to complete them one at a time.  The last station in each round is going to be a minute on the rower.   In the end your score will be the total number of reps you complete at all three stations across five rounds.



You don't want to miss out on all this fun do you?!! Deadline to sign up for the Hoedown is this Friday! If you want to sign up to judge talk to Kirsten! And if you don't want to compete or judge, we hope you'll come watch, cheer and celebrate with us! #crossfitdavis #6thannual #hometownhoedown #hohohoedown #community #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Every year we are more and more grateful for our wonderful gym filled with wonderful people! Thank you to everyone who chose to start their day at CFD this morning! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy a day off tomorrow and we'll see you all this weekend! #crossfitdavis #happythanksgiving #community #thankful #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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We're collecting new unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots again this year! Let's fill up the box for children in need! #crossfitdavis #seasonofgiving #toysfortots ...

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Have you signed up for the Hoedown yet?! Don't miss out on all the fun! Get your name on the board and join us for our favorite day of the year!! #crossfitdavis #hometownhoedown #6thannual #hohohoedown #community #holidays ...

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Hours for next week! Also - how is it already Thanksgiving??!! 😳 🥧🦃 #crossfitdavis #holidayhours ...

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Monday will be the last day for sweatshirt Pre-Orders! We won't be ordering any extras so make sure to get your name on the list if you want one!! #crossfitdavis #newsweatshirts #dontmissout #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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We're so excited to announce the date for our 6th annual Hometown Hoedown: Saturday December 14th!! The Hoedown is our yearly in-house competition and holiday party! It's our favorite day of the year because we get to celebrate our favorite people, OUR WONDERFUL MEMBERS! Sign ups are on the whiteboard at the gym! Get your name up there and don't miss out on all the fun! #crossfitdavis #hometownhoedown #6thannual #holidays ...

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The 2020 Open has officially come to a close! We had so much fun with each and every one of you that participated this year! The CrossFit Games season has gone through some major changes but what hasn't changed is the awesome effort you all put into these workouts week after week! Congratulations to all of you! #crossfitdavis #intheopen #open2020 #wedidit #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Thank a Veteran today. On Veteran's Day and every day we are so grateful to all those who have served and continue to serve our country. Thank you to you and your families for the sacrifices made to keep us safe. #veteransday #thankyou #gratitude ...

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With our shortened schedule tomorrow you have one chance to get 20.5 in! We will have Open Gym between our 9:30 and Noon classes. If you are repeating or doing it for the first time make sure to be there! #crossfitdavis #intheopen #open2020 #20point5 #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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A reminder that we will have adjusted hours tomorrow (11/11/19) in observance of Veterans Day:
9:30 CrossFit
10:30-12 Open Gym
12:00 CrossFit
We will be closed for all other classes and will resume our normal schedule on Tuesday!
#crossfitdavis #veteransday

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The Open is complete!! What a great last day to finish an awesome 5 weeks! So much fun cheering everyone on and watching you all push yourselves to your limits! Thanks to everyone who came out to @sudwerkbrew to celebrate! #crossfitdavis #intheopen #open2020 #openszn #20point5 #weredone #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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