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February 25, 2020

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EMOM for 10 Minutes
2 Hang Power Cleans

Work up to a moderate weight Hang Power Clean and perform 2 repetitions every minute for 10 minutes.  Choose a weight that allows you to do all two reps in a row.  For a power clean we’re looking for a little bit lighter weight than you would use in a squat clean.  You’ll catch the bar in a partial squat dropping as low as is needed.  If you end up breaking parallel you have lifted correctly but have possibly gone a little too heavy.  Practice utilizing the “hook” grip so you can maintain control of the bar!


AMRAP in 15 Minutes
10 Push-ups
5 Hang power cleans 185/135 lb

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a longer fifteen minute couplet of push-ups and hang power cleans.  The benchmark load on the hang power clean is on the heavy end. You should have a good idea what a strong effort load would be from the skill work today.  Use that practice to determine what weight you’ll use on the bar today.  If you are considering bumping up what you normally do in a workout you’ll still want to keep it in the sixty to sixty-five percent range so you can work through most of your rounds in larger sets.  Hook grip will be your friend here as gripping the bar in a hang power clean is tough without it.  If you find that you are stuck performing singles then you have gone too heavy. For the push-ups use a standard that you can maintain for the entire workout.  Push-ups are bound to fall off even for those that have an easy time with them.  Break up your rounds early and often so you can keep moving.



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Trivia makes any kind of skill work more fun! Shout-out to @collette.lash for our new Trivia book! #crossfitdavis #trivia #community #skills #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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The perfect start to any Sunday🧘#crossfitdavis #yoga #everysunday #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Friendship is an integral part of CrossFit Davis ♥️ Our community is unmatched and we're so grateful to get to see all the connections made through fun and fitness when people walk through our doors! We hope you're sharing the love today and bringing friends for our bring a friend Friday! All classes! No drop in fee! Happy Valentine's Day CFD! We love you all! ♥️ #crossfitdavis #valentinesday #bringafriendfriday #friendship #community #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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No plans for Valentine's Day yet?? Great! It's bring a friend Friday at CFD! Grab your Valentine ♥️ or your Pal-entine 😉 and come in for a great workout! We all have that friend who's been talking about trying CrossFit right?? We'll now's their chance! Any class and no drop in fee! Friday only! #crossfitdavis #bringafriendday #valentinesday #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Walking into the weekend like....🤸 #crossfitdavis #tgif #weekendready #handstands #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Congrats to these guys for an awesome day at the @goldenstategames! We're so proud of all of you! #crossfitdavis #competition #goldenstategames #community ...

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Tuesday at the bar(s) 😜 4:45 class getting ready for some push press doubles today! It's already been a great week at CFD! Let's keep it going! Wednesday here we come! #crossfitdavis #community #445 #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Hey CFD! Keep your eye out for Tatum! She's going to be helping everyone get checked in during some of our busier evening classes! If you have any questions about how to check in for a class make sure to ask her or a coach! We're working on getting everyone to check in more regularly so if you haven't been doing it, please make sure to start! #crossfitdavis #dontforgettocheckin #CFDisTHEplacetobe @tatumrobach ...

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Our coaches always keep warm-ups fun, different and effective! Happy Wednesday everyone! #crossfitdavis #wednesdayfun #warmups #445 #community #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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We've been so pumped to have so many of you at our new SWEAT class! This Friday let's share the love♥️ Bring a friend THIS Friday and they can try their first SWEAT class for FREE! #crossfitdavis #freesweatfriday #CFDsweat #sweatyin2020 #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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