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May 23, 2019

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EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Squat clean with pause in bottom of squat

We’ll have ten opportunities to work on a difficult barbell movement.  Start by taking the bar from the floor and dropping into a full squat as you receive the bar in the front rack.  Make a conscious effort to pause in the bottom of your squat by coming to a dead stop and holding for a second.  Make a quick assessment of your squat positioning.  If you completed the clean pull and drop under correctly you should be in a perfect position to stand up without making any adjustment to your hands or feet.  Your heels should be on the floor with your chest and elbows up while your fingers are loosely pinning the bar to the front rack position.  The squat should feel a little harder by adding that pause in. Stand up to finish the rep driving upward from the bottom of your squat with your chest upright through the entire squat.  Your back angle should not change at all on the way up.


With a clock set for 12 Minutes

1 Minute of wall ball shots 20/14 lb 10/9′
1 Minute of sandbag cleans 100/70 lb
2 Minutes of wall ball shots 20/14 lb 10/9′
2 Minutes of sandbag cleans 100/70 lb
3 Minutes of wall ball shots 20/14 lb 10/9′
3 Minutes of sandbag cleans 100/70 lb

Workout notes

Today’s workout is essentially a  twelve minute AMRAP with six minutes split up between each of two stations.  We’ll transition between stations using an ascending clock spending half of the workout time during the last two intervals so a good pacing strategy will be key.  Wall ball shots are a faster movement than sandbag cleans so you’ll be able to score more reps there but remember that performing efficient cleans is a technically difficult challenge that requires a lot of strength and coordination so you don’t want to be overly fatigued.  Work continuously on the wall ball shots but add short breaks as needed so you can work on some reps at the sandbag station rather than use that time as additional rest.

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