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July 19, 2018

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Last chance to sign up for parents night out is tomorrow July 2oth.

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Tabata Kipping Toe-to-bar
1 Minute rest
Tabata arch hold

We’re working on two basic gymnastic movements today.  We’ll use the Tabata interval timer which is eight rounds of twenty seconds work and ten seconds rest.  For most of us that will be one set of toe to bar or kipping swings in every round.  Start at a moderate effort and try to maintain the same number of reps for all four minutes.  Take a minute rest and work on holding arch or superman for as much of the work period as possible for another eight rounds.  If you want to increase the difficulty hold a pvc at arms length.


AMRAP in 20 Minutes
20 Hang power cleans 115/75 lb
200M Run

Workout notes

Pack your water bottles and make sure to hydrate before classes today! We’re headed outside today for a long duration couplet with a weightlifting movement and a short monostructural element.  The benchmark load is light but the rep count is high, load up a weight with which you could perform very large sets and don’t forget about the hook grip!


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