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January 25, 2020

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AMRAP in 25 Minutes

with a partner

Sandbag squat clean to over the shoulder 100/70 lb
20-40-60-80 …
Burpee box jumps 24/20 ”

Workout Notes

Today’s workout will be completed with a partner! If you and your partner can’t decide on the same weight or box height you don’t necessarily need to use one sandbag or box for this workout. If you are not sharing equipment just remember that only one person should ever be working at a time.  You will start by working through 10 total sandbag squat clean over your shoulder before moving on to 20 total burpee box jumps.  The squat cleans are just like a normal sandbag clean except that you will catch it in a squat before standing up with the bag and tossing it over your shoulder. For both of these movements it is not advised to do large sets when working in a partnership. One or two reps of each passed back and forth with quick transitions will pay off over sets of 5 or 10 leaving one partner with too much rest.

Our coaches always keep warm-ups fun, different and effective! Happy Wednesday everyone! #crossfitdavis #wednesdayfun #warmups #445 #community #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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We've been so pumped to have so many of you at our new SWEAT class! This Friday let's share the love♥️ Bring a friend THIS Friday and they can try their first SWEAT class for FREE! #crossfitdavis #freesweatfriday #CFDsweat #sweatyin2020 #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Our new SWEAT class was packed today! We've got more fun planned for tomorrow! Who's coming?? 🙋🏼‍♀️ #crossfitdavis #CFDsweat #sweatyin2020 #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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COMMUNITY. 💙 #crossfitdavis #community #nataliecorona #doitfornatalie #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Hope everyone had fun at our very first SWEAT class today! Who's showing up tomorrow?? #crossfitdavis #CFDsweat #sweatyin2020 #cardio #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Who's ready to SWEAT today?? Our new barbell free, CrossFit inspired cardio class starts today at 4! If you're coming to CFD for the first time make sure to show up a few minutes early to sign a waiver. Our drop in fee for non-members is 20$ but if you decide to sign up after taking a class we will apply your drop in fee to your first month of membership 👌🏼Hope to see you this afternoon! #crossfitdavis #CFDsweat #sweatyin2020 #cardio #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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We can't promise you sunshine tomorrow but we can promise a great workout if you show up for our first CFD SWEAT class! CrossFit inspired cardio without the barbells starts tomorrow at 4pm! Don't miss it! #crossfitdavis #CFDsweat #cardio #sweatyin2020 #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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We will never forget her. Tomorrow we honor Officer Natalie Corona. Please join us at our 8:30 or 9:30 classes for her hero workout. Wear royal blue if you have it. All are welcome. 💙 #crossfitdavis #nataliecorona #community #davispd ...

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Hey guys! Here are some details about our new 4pm class starting THIS MONDAY! CFD SWEAT will focus on moving for as much of the 45 minutes as possible! There will be a heavy bias towards bodyweight movements and cardio with some kettlebell and dumbbell work sprinkled in. This will be a great class for those days when you just feel like moving and getting sweaty but are still looking for a great workout! Movements will be low skill and easy to learn on the spot so OnRamp will not be required for this class only! Grab that friend (or tag them in the comments😜) that's been saying they want to workout with you and come get SWEATY! #crossfitdavis #CFDsweat #sweatyin2020 #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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Another packed 4:45 today! We are SO ready for our new class starting next week! Don't miss CFD SWEAT Monday-Friday 4-4:45pm! Hope to see you there! #crossfitdavis #CFDsweat #sweatyin2020 #CFDisTHEplacetobe ...

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