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By July 16, 2009CFD Blog


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2009 CrossFit Games Winners – 1st Place: Mikko Salo, 2nd Place: Tommy Hackenbruck, 3rd Place: Moe Kelsey for the mens competition and 1st Place: Tanya Wagner, 2nd Place: Charity Vale, 3rd Place: Carey Kepler for the women’s competition

2009 CrossFit Games, “Sweet 16” – video [wmv] [mov]

Jacinto Bonilla Part 2 by CrossFit Again Faster, CrossFit Journal Preview – video [wmv] [mov]

So the CrossFit Games are over. Whew! What a crazy, fun weekend. Nothing like being surrounded by 2000+ of the worlds fittest people outside of pro-sports. All I can say to everyone is “Wow”. I’m looking forward to building a team for the Affiliate Cup next year. It’s going to be FUN!

On another note, somewhat related to the CFGames….the folks running them put together some fantastic charts about the competitors performances across a wide range of workouts and lifts. While fun to look at go “Wow”, I think these charts are going to be great training tools for you. I’m always telling you / giving you guys a time domain to finish a workout in, especially benchmark workouts, that’s based on either a really good time or score or the best time or score. Now we have lots of times and weights to choose from and that you can look up. Are you a bit older? Maybe you look at Andy Petranek (age 44) and see what he does Jackie in and try to match his time even if you have to scale things waaaay down. On the ladies side, you might want to look up Iceland Annie, winner Tanya Wagner or Carey Kepler. Let those scores and the amazing performances these athletes put in over eight workouts motivate you.

I’m in the process of saving all the .pdf’s in one spot and will be posting them somewhere soon. What would be really cool is if the data were not in .pdf form, but in a searchable database. If any of you geeks out there want to take a stab at it or tell me how I’m all ears.

Also, I posted a list of common CrossFit Acronyms and Abbeviations over in the Program Info Section.  Knowledge is Power.

You will be quizzed. 🙂

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