We will be closing at 1PM following the noon class on Friday, April 12th and closed all day Saturday the 13th to make time for repairs to the gym floor.  Normal hours return Sunday the 14th.


Tabata Double unders

Today’s skill work is an opportunity to work on the difficult double under.  If you have the movement down but are still working on knocking out sustainable sets this will be a great time to build your stamina by finding a sustainable work level.   Stay relaxed in the shoulders and jump with as much efficiency as possible.  If you are new to the movement make 1-3 attempts during every work period. Start by performing single unders and introduce a double under attempt every 3-4 minutes. When you attempt your double unders perform the same jump as with your single unders but get more height with an explosive jump and speed up the turn on your rope.  If you’re expert level at double unders and certain you would go unbroken every round use this time to work on Triple Unders!


10 rounds with 2 minutes on 1 minute off

8 air squat
6 push-up
4 alternating dumbbell snatch 50/35 lb

Workout notes

Our workout today has ten rounds with one minute of rest for every two minutes working.  We’ll put twenty-nine minutes on the clock and tackle this interval workout as we would if  “The Chief” was on the menu.  You will treat each round as a two minute AMRAP counting your rounds completed and addition reps in an incomplete round.  We’ll restart each interval with the air squats as if you were starting a new workout . In the end your score will be your total rounds completed as well as the total of additional reps in the ten rounds.  Push-ups can be scaled by working from the knees or with your hands on a box and the dumbbell can be scaled by load of course.  The total workout time is on the longer side so if you are new to CrossFit or this level of volume take a round or two off in the middle if needed to give yourself some additional rest.

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