Tomorrow, Friday the 12th we will be closing at 1PM following the noon class and remain closed until Sunday the 14th.


EMOM for 10 Minutes

Hang power snatch from above the knees + hang power snatch from below the knees

We’re spending some more time workout on weightlifting positions today.  We have ten attempts at a two rep snatch complex.  To start each complex you should grab the bar in a snatch grip and bring the bar to the hang.  Once at the hang bend at the knees slightly and then at the hips to lower the bar to an ABOVE the knee position.  From there aggressively open the hips and drop into a partial squat to receive the bar overhead.  Next you should carefully lower the bar back down to the hang and then progressively to a BELOW the knee starting position.  Finish the complex by completing another snatch and lowering the bar safely to the floor. The purpose of this skill work is to focus on proper positioning prior to the hip opening in the snatch so focus on that today rather than maxing out your lift.


AMRAP in 8 minutes *

Kettlebell swings 32/24 kg

* 4 One arm kettlebell overhead walking lunge EMOM 32/24 kg(alternate arms every other minute)

Workout notes

We’ll have eight minutes on the clock today to score as many reps as possible of the single element, kettlebell swings.  Every minute starting at 0:00 we’ll start with a small set of overhead walking lunge steps.  Holding the kettlebell overhead will likely be the most unfamiliar part of this workout so test out the weight you plan on swinging with both arms and guarantee you can knock out those four reps easily.  If overhead position is an issue for you scale to front rack or bodyweight lunges.

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