In teams of three

AMRAP in 30 minutes

200M Sandbag bear hug carry 100/70 lb
20 Sandbag cleans 100/70 lb


We’re back at it! Today’s workout is a long duration workout utilizing a sandbag for two movements.  Decide on a sandbag weight that you and your partners can agree on and set out on a 200M carry.  For the carries you will hold the sandbag at your chest and trade off as often or as little as you like.  When you get back inside the gym you’ll have twenty reps of cleans.  Break up the set of twenty as needed with teammates alternating every rep or completing small sets and trading off as needed.  Distribute the reps so that all teammates do a fair amount of work.  Feel free to stay outside as you complete the cleans to enjoy the sunny weather and to give our new floors a little more time to settle!

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