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Big things are happening for some of our CFD coaches! Sydney is off to Chiropractic school soon and Corey has accepted a new job in paint sales. Both will be with us as usual for the next two weeks and then get ready for more Kirsten, Alex and new Alex in all of your classes! While we will miss them terribly as a part of our staff we are excited for them as they both start new adventures! Don’t worry, neither of them will be strangers, Corey will still be a member of CFD and we’ve made Sydney promise to come see us anytime she has a break from school! Make sure to mark your calendars for April 26th when we will host a trivia night at the gym for fun and celebration of our two wonderful coaches and their time at CFD! #crossfitdavis #crossfit #coachsyd #coachcorey

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EMOM for 10 Minutes
30 seconds of strict handstand push-ups

Today we’re working on handstand push-ups in their strict form.  Strict hspu require more strength than kipping so scale if you need to but keep the stimulus intact. Use a box and perform push-ups in a pike position if you are still building the strength.  If you are just learning the movement using 1 or 2 abmats is okay but remove them over time as you gain proficiency.  Focus on finding the same tripod position that you do in kipping hspu and keep your body tight as you lower yourself down and press back up. Handstand push-up sets are hard to maintain so keep that in mind when deciding how many to do during each work period.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

40 Double Unders
30 Kettlebell sumo deadlift high pull 32/24 kg
20 Alternating kettlebell power cleans 32/24 kg
10 Kettlebell swing 32/24 kg


This workout is all about the kettlebell with a splash of double unders thrown in for good measure.  The set of double unders is fairly small when compared to the total volume of reps with the kettlebell.  If forty reps per round is approachable stick with that number even if it takes a few extra attempts to get through that set.  If you do need to scale the volume of reps shoot for a number you could complete in under a minute.  There are three movements with the kettlebell, each getting progressively more complicated as the rep counts descend.  If you were able to participate recently when we had dumbbell power cleans in a workout you’ll recognize that the benchmark load for this workout is heavier. The kettlebell clean is also more complicated than a dumbbell clean so make sure to test out this variation on both arms with your chosen weight before the workout starts.

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