We will be closing at 1PM following the noon class on Friday, April 12th and closed all day Saturday the 13th to make time for repairs to the gym floor.  Normal hours return Sunday the 14th.


EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Slow pull squat clean

Today’s skill work has us working on positional awareness in the first pull of the squat clean.  Start by lifting  the bar from the floor as you keep your hips low and your back upright.  Practice pulling  the bar off of the floor under control and gradually increase speed without compromising your upper body positioning.   As the bar passes your knees, violently open the hips to create vertical lift and quickly drop into a receiving position.  When you catch the bar in the bottom of your squat drive the bar upward aggressively to finish the rep.  You will have ten opportunities to work on this lift so make every rep count.   Remember that this is skill work so maxing out your lift is not a priority. Start light and work up to a moderate load that allows you to test a reasonable weight but do not sacrifice your mechanics.


for time
Front Squat 115/85 lb
Lateral burpee over the bar

Workout notes

This workout is a four round couplet that will be scored by the total time it takes you to complete seventy two reps each of front squats and burpees.  The benchmark weights suggest a lighter load on the barbell which means you should be able to start each round of squats by knocking out a large portion of the reps in one continuous effort before finishing the round out with a couple of smaller sets.    You’ll encounter the burpees with substantial fatigue so pacing will be important.  If you are new to CrossFit or this level of volume chop off that first round and start the workout in the round of twenty-one so that you are able to keep the intensity high for three rounds rather than slugging away at a rep count that is too far outside of your experience.

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