We will be closing at 1PM following the noon class on Friday, April 12th and closed all day Saturday the 13th to make time for repairs to the gym floor.  Normal hours return Sunday the 14th.


Deadlift with controlled descent (no TnG)


Today we’re working on a familiar lifting movement but adding in a difficult twist.  We”ll work up to a moderately heavy weight and knock out three doubles.    For these doubles you’ll lower the barbell down under control rather than letting it slam to the floor and using the bounce to help you with the second rep or dropping the bar from the finish position.  Performing the deadlift in this manner is going to make that second rep much harder than it might normally since you are essentially doing two heavy singles back to back.  Keep that in mind when choosing your weights and focus on maintaining good posture throughout.


AMRAP in 12 Minutes

2-4-6-8-10-12 …

One arm dumbbell power clean 50/35 lb
One arm dumbbell push press 50/35 lb

Workout notes

For today’s workout we have an ascending rep scheme with two weightlifting movements.  You’ll need one dumbbell and a space for sit-ups.  For the dumbbell movements test out both and choose your weight by whichever movement is weaker.  For most of us that’s probably going to be the the push press on your non-dominant arm. Break up each set however you choose but do try to distribute the work evenly across both arms.  If you are switching arms in the middle of a set of push press do not transfer the dumbbell while it is overhead. Safely lower it down to the shoulder and switch hands there.    For this workout your score will be the number of reps in your last completed round and any additional reps in an incomplete round.

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