Strict Pull-Up with pause at top of pull-up

Spend some time today focusing on strict pull-up strength.  Hold your chin over the bar momentarily after you reach the top of your pull-up and then practice a controlled descent for every rep. Don’t worry about pausing for an extended amount of time but just make sure you get your chin over the bar without straining your neck and dropping off of the bar without control.   If you are using a band choose one that makes the three reps challenging and try to implement the pause at the top.  If you are doing ring rows, pause momentarily with the rings in contact with your chest for each rep and consider upping the rep count to 5 or 7.  If you can do strict pull-ups but three reps is too much of a challenge, choose a number that you can repeat for ten sets or around 20-30 total reps. If you are an expert at pull-ups add some weight or give the peg-board a try.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

5 Left arm dumbbell hang clean & jerk 50/35 lb
5 Right arm dumbbell hang clean & jerk 50/35 lb
10 Box Jumps 24/20″
15 Medicine ball cleans 20/14 lb

Workout notes

You will need a dumbbell, medicine ball and plyo box for today’s workout.  Each round starts with a set of five dumbbell hang clean & jerks on each arm.  Use a weight with which you can easily complete a set of five on both arms.  Most of us will have a dominant arm so test out both as you warm up and adjust your load based on your weaker arm.  The box jumps come in a fairly small set size.  Try to transition quickly and work at a quick but sustainable pace.  The medicine ball clean is simple on paper but difficult in execution.  The focus for the cleans should be pulling the ball from the floor with your back upright and aggressively opening the hips then driving the elbows up while sliding your hands around the ball. Use this workout to practice the clean technique rather than shortening your range of motion to finish your reps more quickly.

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