EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Squat clean with pause below the knees

We’re working on more positional weightlifting for today’s skill work.  You will have ten opportunities to work on squat cleans.  In the squat clean we are pulling the bar from the floor with hands just outside of the hips and receiving the bar at the shoulders while descending into a squat prior to standing up to finish the lift.  The pause below the knees gives you a chance to assess your back position in the first pull but more importantly for this skill work you’ll need to concentrate on an aggressive vertical hip drive and rapid descent under the bar as you will have removed any speed normally gained from the first pull.


for time


Front squats 155/105 lb

Workout notes

This workout is a five round couplet that will be scored by the total time it takes you to complete forty-five reps each of front squats and burpees.  The benchmark weights suggest a heavier load on the barbell.  Most of us will need to break up at least the first couple sets of squats but you should be able to start each round by knocking out a large portion of the reps in one continuous effort before finishing rounds out with one or two smaller sets.    Even though we have a heavier load on the bar you should scale such that this workout falls into the sprint category.  That means you should do your best to move through those burpees at a quicker pace than you might in a longer workout with higher volume.

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