5 attempts at a Handstand hold w/ 10 shoulder taps

Our skill menu for today has us working upside down and progressing towards handstand walking.  If you are comfortable hanging out upside down start by trying to transfer your weight from one shoulder to the other mimicking the type of loading you will encounter while handstand walking.  Once you have that down you can attempt quickly lifting one arm and touching your shoulder on that same side.  This will put all of your weight on one arm so you’ll need to have a pretty well developed handstand in order to pull this move off.  This is a fairly advanced skill so remember to start at the beginning of our handstand progression before attempting something that is far outside of your capabilities.  If you are not sure where to start see where you fit on the following guide and talk to a coach.

Level 1 10-30 Shoulder taps while in a plank hold
Level 2 Pike handstand with feet on floor or box with or without shoulder taps
Level 3 Pike handstand with feet on wall with weight transfer back and forth between hands
Level 4 Handstand hold on wall with weight transfer back and forth between hands
Level 5 Handstand hold with shoulder taps


AMRAP in 20 Minutes

20 Push press 115/85 lb
30 Alternating dumbbell power cleans 50/35 lb
200M Run

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a long duration triplet with two weightlifting movements and a short recovery run.  You will need a barbell loaded to a weight you can easily knock out a fairly large set of push presses at the beginning of each round. Getting a set of twenty isn’t necessary and probably not a recommend but you should be able to get close to or beyond halfway with your first set and chip away at the remaining reps. For the cleans use a weight you can alternate arms as touch and go reps without setting the dumbbell down for most of the set of thirty.  As with the push press this shouldn’t be a max effort lifting but a weight you can move efficiently without compromising your form.  After the two lifts you are off on the 200M track for a short recovery run.  Use the run to let your shoulders recover for the next round but keep the intensity high and do your best to get back in the gym in under a minute.


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