1 slow pull squat snatch with pause in the bottom of the overhead squat

Today’s skill work  focuses on positional accuracy in one of our most difficult lifts.  Start by pulling the bar from the floor while keeping your hips low and back upright. Practice accelerating from the floor in a slow and controlled fashion. As the bar passes your knees, violently open the hips to create vertical drive and quickly drop into a full squat receiving the bar overhead. In addition to the slow pull add a pause in the bottom of the overhead squat to reinforce the mechanics of that position.   This is technique work so use a challenging weight but remember that you should be below maximal effort and go only as deep into your squat as is mechanically sound.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

10 Goblet walking lunge steps 32/24 kg
7 Push-ups
4 Pull-ups

Workout notes

This workout is a short time priority triplet with two upper body gymnastics movements and a lower body weighted movement. For the lunges hold a kettlebell at the chest goblet style.  Adding the weight at the chest will increase the difficulty of the lunges but it should reinforce an appropriate movement pattern by helping to keep the chest upright.  The push-up and pull-up set sizes are fairly small. Break them up if needed but do your best to transition quickly and keep the intensity high.

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