Work up to a strong effort set of two deadlifts.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you go up to max effort, but work up in weight as you feel comfortable. Judge your effort by the strain it takes you to achieve each lift.  New lifters should keep the load light and work on proper body mechanics as they increase in weight.  Start with a light weight and make sure that you have established a straight back and an  appropriate setup as you address the bar.  Be sure to maintain your posture as you progress through each set and as you increase in weight.


3 Rounds for time

400M Run
21 Kettlebell swings 32/24 kg
12 Toe-to-bar


Today’s workout is a three round triplet with a fairly low volume of reps for the swings and toe to bar.  If the swings and toe-to-bar are manageable for you try to make up some time by picking up the pace on the runs.    Kettlebell swings can be easily scaled by adjusting to “Russian” style swings if you are attempting a heavier weight. The kettlebell will tax your grip somewhat so remember that Toe-To-Bar will be slightly more difficult than when you are fresh. Remember to prevent your hands from  tearing and switch to some form of sit-up if necessary!

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