February 10, 2019

By February 9, 2019Workout of the Day


3 rounds of 2 minutes on 1 minute off at each station

toe to bar
two arm dumbbell walking lunge steps 50/35 lb
double unders

Workout notes

Today we have a three round interval workout with three stations. You will work for two minutes and have one minute rest to transition and recover.  Two minutes is a long time for any of these movements so start by working at a sustainable pace early on and try to maintain your effort on your second and third attempts at each movement.  If you are working on mastering double unders this would be a great opportunity to get an Rx on the board! Use each two minute interval to attempt double unders with some controlled rest between attempts.  If you already have double unders in the bag you could game the workout by going easy at the first two stations but that is not the intent of this format! Keep the intensity high in each work period and use those one minute rest periods to recover!

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