February 11, 2019

By February 10, 2019Workout of the Day


60 seconds plank hold
60 seconds rest
90 seconds plank hold
90 seconds rest
120 seconds plank hold

We’ll use a clock set for seven minutes for today’s skill work and tackle three increasing intervals of a plank hold. The plank focuses on midline strength and stability so focus your attention on keeping your core tight without sagging or compensating by moving the hips vertically.  The difficulty level of this skill work is up to you but make each work period meaningful by doing your best to hold the same positioning throughout. Plant your arms on the ground or rest on your elbows and do your best to keep glutes and midline tight with your hips inline with your body.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes
50 Push-ups
200M Run
100 Sit-ups
200M Run
50 Kettlebell swings 32/24 kg
200M Run

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a time priority workout in the format of  “chipper”.  The set sizes for each movement are fairly large so your round count will be on the lower side relative to a workout with smaller rep counts in each round.  There is a lot of separation between movements when you add in the runs so this is your chance to try and hold a higher intensity level than normal!  The push-ups for example will most likely be the big challenge in this workout but you will have several minutes to let your arms recover once you get through those first fifty. The same goes for the sit-ups and swings.  In a format like this you can tackle each movement with nearly max effort so hit it hard when you hear that 3,2,1 … Go!

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