February 18, 2020

By February 17, 2020Workout of the Day


EMOM for 10 Minutes

Straight set of kipping pull-ups or kipping swings

For this skill work you will be working on maintaining a set of kipping pull-ups for 10 rounds (:30 seconds max). If you are new to the skill you should be working the cadence and timing of your swing so you can link repetitions together.  That usually means working on small sets of 2-5 for each round. Leave yourself plenty of rest so you can lower the intensity and keep this as skill work.  If you are still working on building the strength to support kipping swings and pull-ups work for about 30 seconds performing jumping pull-ups with a slow lower down. If you are able to string together 10 or so c-kip pull-ups talk to a coach about learning the butterfly pull-up! Advanced athletes should be working on stringing together sets of chest-to-bar pull-ups and testing your work capacity for this skill.


3 rounds with one minute on each station

Double unders
Kettlebell sumo deadlift high-pulls 32/24 kg
Wall ball shots 20/14 lb 10/9′

Workout notes

Today’s workout probably looks simple on paper with only three movements and three rounds with 1:1 work:rest ratio. The difficulty in the workout will depend on how hard you attack each station.  Choose weights and difficulty levels that allow you to work for the majority of each minute. You can up the intensity and go hard knowing you have that minute of rest waiting for you.  If you are still struggling with double unders you can choose to either bite the bullet and try to get as many reps as you can in each minute or rack up a bunch of singles with the drag rope.  This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself with this tough skill so go for it if possible.

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