February 22, 2020

By February 21, 2020Workout of the Day


2 rounds for time

100 alternating dumbbell cleans 50/35 lb
50 box jumps 24/20 lb
1000M run

For today’s workout we have a longer duration two round triplet with large sets of dumbbell cleans and box jumps as well as a short run.  You are starting in the gym working through the cleans and box jumps.  Most of us will need to break up the cleans at some point but you should be able to start with a good sized chunk before setting the dumbbell down and resting.  If you find that each clean requires a great deal of effort and then rest, you have gone too heavy. For box jumps a metered cadence will probably be the best strategy to get through that large number. Don’t discount the run! The run will take up a lot of your time and there are only two so you don’t want to fully use that as recovery.  Keep your feet moving and the intensity up.  Lengthwise, we’re looking for times that are less than twenty-five minutes so we’ll add a thirty minute time cap.  If you aren’t out on that second run by twenty-five minutes, consider cutting yourself off early.

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