February 8, 2020

By February 7, 2020Workout of the Day


AMRAP in 30 Minutes
200m uneven farmer carry
30 one arm alternating cleans
20 goblet squats

Workout notes

We have a long duration workout on the menu today.  You’ll have thirty minutes to complete as many rounds and reps as possible of a farmer carry, clean and squat triplet.  You’ll need to grab two objects of differing weights.  Each round starts with a moderate length farmer carry. Gripping one object in each hand, walk down to the halfway point on the 200M track and then switch arms by setting them down before you turn around.  On your way back your weights will be reversed so that you distribute the work evenly for the round.  When you get to the gym knock out thirty cleans and then twenty squats.  It’s up to you as far as what weight you want to use for the cleans and squats. A dumbbell or kettlebell can be used for both movements.  Kettlebell cleans are generally a little tougher than dumbbell cleans because you have to rotate them around your wrist as you bring it to the front rack.  If you are up for it, and the weight isn’t too heavy, give it a go!


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