January 6, 2019

By January 5, 2019Workout of the Day


AMRAP in 20 Minutes

6 Strict Pull-ups
12 Overhead walking lunge steps with plate 45/35 lb
24 Air squats

Workout notes

We have a long duration triplet on the menu today. The workout starts with a small set of pull-ups and then transitions to overhead lunges with a plate before you end each round with a small set of bodyweight squats.  In this workout we’re specifically working on strict pull-ups which means you should avoid transferring any momentum from the lower body by kipping.  If unassisted pull-ups aren’t in the cards for today try a band that keeps the movement difficult but try not to bounce out of the bottom to make the movement easier.  Alternatively you could perform ring rows or jumping pull-ups.  When it comes to the lunges use a plate you can hold overhead with your arms locked out directly above your torso throughout the full range of motion.  If mobility is an issue scale by holding the plate at your chest or going with just bodyweight.

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