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We will be open for one class at 9:30AM on Thursday, July 4th and open for the 9:30AM, 10:30AM Open gym and Noon class on Friday the 5th.  Normal hours return Saturday the 6th.


EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Squat Snatch with pause in the bottom of the overhead squat

Today we’re working on the squat snatch and really honing in on technique.  The movement is very difficult and requires a great deal of mobility. Warm up to a weight that is in the 60-70% range and only add weight to your bar throughout the EMOM if you are nailing the lift with the pause.  If you’re not sure what weight to start with test the movement at a low weight to make sure you are using a weight that allows you to land in a deep squat while keeping your feet flat, chest up and elbows locked out .  Adding the pause will increase the difficulty of the lift so be conservative! If the squat snatch isn’t happening today due to mobility issues work on a power snatch, still pausing in your catch position, but add in some overhead squats with a PVC or empty barbell if you can so you can get a feel for the movement.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

10 Dumbbell hang snatch 50/35 lb
7 Box Jump 24/20″
4 One arm overhead walking lunge steps 50/35 lb

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a short triplet with low rep sets for all three movements.  Because the set sizes are small you can use this opportunity to practice performing large sets and making quick transitions.  The hang snatch is a different variation than what we usually see with dumbbells.  For each rep take the dumbbell from below the waist to overhead. The dumbbell does not need to hit the floor between each rep but you can certainly set it down if you need to.  There is no prescribed rep scheme for the snatches or lunges so break them up as you see fit but try to distribute the work evenly across both arms.  The lunge will likely be the most difficult movement of the three so spend some time testing out that movement and be sure to try both arms!

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