Strict Pull-Up with pause at top of pull-up

Spend some time today focusing on strict pull-up strength.  Hold your chin over the bar momentarily after you reach the top of your pull-up and then practice a controlled descent for every rep. Don’t worry about pausing for an extended amount of time but just make sure you get your chin over the bar without straining your neck and dropping off of the bar without control.   If you are using a band choose one that makes the three reps challenging and try to implement the pause at the top.  If you are doing ring rows, pause momentarily with the rings in contact with your chest for each rep and consider upping the rep count to 5 or 7.  If you can do strict pull-ups but three reps is too much of a challenge, choose a number that you can repeat for ten sets or around 20-30 total reps. If you are an expert at pull-ups add some weight or give the peg-board a try.


6 Rounds with one minute on each station

Double unders
Kettlebell swings 32/24 kg

Workout notes

Today’s workout will be scored by the total reps you complete in eighteen minutes. You will have six opportunities to accumulate reps at each of three stations.  There is no rest between stations so pace yourself and allow a few seconds to transition between stations.


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