15×1 strict weighted pull-up with 3 second pause and slow lower down

This skill has us working on upper body strength.  Your task is to complete fifteen single pull-ups at a resistance level you find moderately difficult.   The intent is not to find a max effort weighted pull-up but to accumulate some volume with a difficult pull-up and a weighted hold.  If you scale this appropriately you should find it to doable but definitely on the challenging side as far as pull-ups go. Most of us will want to start with a light weight or even just go with bodyweight and try to maintain that effort for all fifteen reps. If you are able to hold for three seconds and slowly lower down then increase the weight slightly until you can find a weight you can use for your remaining reps.  For those of you scaling with a band or ring rows you’ll want to try this without weight and really concentrate on executing the hold and slow lower down making each pull-up as difficult as possible.


With a clock set for 18 minutes

3 minutes of sand bag cleans 100/70 lb
3 minutes of push-ups
3 minutes of kettlebell swing 32/24 kg
2 minutes of sand bag cleans 100/70 lb
2 minutes of push-ups
2 minutes of kettlebell swings 32/24 kg
1 minute of sand bag cleans 100/70 lb
1 minute of push-ups
1 minute of kettlebell swings 32/24 kg

Workout notes

We have three elements in today’s workout and a time frame that has us working in a longer time domain.  Half of your time is spent during the first round where you will be working at each station for three minutes.  Start out at a steady and even pace similar to how you would work during a moderate length AMRAP.  The time at each station descends by one minute as you work through round two and three.   Do your best to keep the same intensity level in those shorter rounds.   Your score for this workout will be the total number of reps you complete after all eighteen minutes are complete.

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