EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 slow pull squat snatch

Today’s skill work again focuses on positional accuracy in one of our most difficult lifts. Start by pulling the bar from the floor keeping your hips low and back upright and practice accelerating from the floor in a slow and controlled fashion. As the bar passes your knees, violently open the hips to create vertical drive and quickly drop into a full squat receiving the bar overhead.  This is technique work so use a challenging weight but remember that you should be below maximal effort. Try using the first few minutes to work up to moderate effort weight and then hold that load across all of your remaining reps.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes
30 double under
10 push-up

Workout notes

This workout serves up a healthy dose of shoulder strength and stamina as well as testing your coordination with small sets of double unders.  Double unders are a difficult skill to master but far more effective than single unders as a training tool.  If you have them but are worried about tackling 30 every round scale the volume to a number you could reasonably complete in about 30-45 seconds.  The push up volume will add up over 10 minutes so scale to a movement with which you can maintain when you get fatigued.  Push-ups will inevitably increase in difficulty as the workout goes on.  Just add more rest and break up each round into smaller sets rather than progressively scaling throughout the workout.

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