If you are participating in the Open, we’ll be kicking off heats for 19.3 shortly after 10:30AM


10 rounds of 90 seconds on 90 seconds off
15 Box Jumps 24/20″
10 Two arm dumbbell front rack walking lunge 50/35 lb
Max calorie row


We’ll have thirty minutes on the clock today and a 1:1 work:rest ratio.  There will be ninety seconds in each work period and your score will be the total calories rowed after you complete after ten rounds.  The suggested load for the lunges is on the heavier side so it’s recommended that you use dumbbells with with which you can complete all ten reps unbroken fairly easily when fresh.   The dumbbell seems to act like a multiplier when it comes to difficulty so be conservative.   Ideally you’ll complete your box jumps and lunges in under sixty seconds and have enough time for a short sprint on the rower.  If it looks like you’ll be stretching that timeline significantly scale the number of reps in each round so you give your self some time on the rower.  Grab a whiteboard and write down your calories after each round so you can come up with one score at the end of the workout.  If classes are large we will pair up and share equipment so that one partner works while the other rests.

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