AMRAP in 20 Minutes

20 Thrusters 95/65 lb
100 Double Unders
400M Run

Workout notes

Today we have have a long duration triplet with a classic CrossFit combo anchored by a 400M run.   The set size for each round is on the moderate side so think about weight that allows you to perform the twenty thruster reps in four sets or less.  If you are performing single repetitions at any point in the workout, you are using a load that is too heavy! Remember that double unders can be scaled by volume if you are new to the movement. Adjust your set size to a number you can an achieve in about two minutes or less.  If you are brand new at double unders and scaling to single unders don’t miss this opportunity to work on the skill.  Throw a double under attempt in every ten or twenty reps throughout your 100 singles if you feel you are ready to make some attempts.

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