In teams of 2 or 3

AMRAP in 30 Minutes

400M Sandbag bear hug carry 100/70 lb
25 Sandbag bear hug squats 100/70 lb at every “corner”
100 Sandbag cleans 100/70 lb

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a long duration partner workout where you will be wrestling a sandbag for the entire workout.  This workout will feel like an interval style workout with you and your partner(s) trading off working with the sandbag.  The workout starts with a bearhug carry down the 400M track.  Stop at each of the two northernmost  corners of the “C” building and knock out twenty-five squats between you and your partners.  You’ll hit four corners total encountering two on the way to the 400M turn around and two on the way back. When you get back to the gym work through one hundred cleans breaking up the set any way that you and your partners see fit.  Choose a weight that all partners can agree on but feel free to distribute the work as needed.

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