10×1 Lunge Kick to Freestanding handstand OR Handstand Walk practice

Hooray for handstand day!  Bodyweight skills are just as important as weightlifting if you are looking to be a well rounded CrossFitter.   If you are new to this skill start by gently kicking up to a wall or practice wall walks to build the upper body strength and midline positioning that this skill requires. If you are comfortable in a handstand start by gently rocking up onto your hands and increase the height of your legs with each attempt.  Save yourself from a crash and burn by being conservative and trying to find a vertical balance point before you start barreling across the gym.  You will need to be able to hang out upside down with locked out arms so make sure to have a bail out plan or partner assist in place if this is new to you.  If you are comfortable kicking in to a freestanding handstand on your own spend today practicing walking on your hands or try tackling an obstacle or two!


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

21 Push-up
15 Kettlebell Swings 32/24 kg
9 Front squat 135/95 lb

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a time priority triplet with two weightlifting movements and a large set of push-ups in every round.  Push-ups can be scaled by performing them on the knees rather that the toes but either way you’re likely to get fatigued pretty quickly when knocking out large sets.  When that happens add some rest and break up the set as needed rather than scale to an easier standard.  Your arms and legs will be fatigued pretty quickly and the workout duration is on the longer side so use a kettlebell and barbell weight that you are comfortable with rather than using this workout to challenge yourself with heavier weights.

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