EMOM for 10 Minutes

Slow pull power clean + split jerk

Today’s workout has us practicing using some control in the first pull of the power clean as well as a little bit of split jerk technique.  Start by setting up for a clean and the pull the bar off of the floor in a controlled fashion.  Keep the bar moving slower than normal in the first part of the lift and remember to keep your hips down.  The best way to know if you are performing the lift properly is pay attention to your back angle.  The hips and shoulders should rise together until the bar passes your knees.  From that point you can aggressively open up the hips and receive the bar in a partial squat.   Reset your grip and stance to setup for the jerk if needed and start with a quick and explosive bend and the knees prior to driving your body under the bar. In the split jerk you should receive the bar in a deep lunge with your weight distributed evenly across both legs.  Recover by bringing the front foot back first and then the back foot forward second. With a heavy load overhead this will help lessen the distance you need to travel to finish the lift.


3 Rounds for time

40 Lunges
30 Sit-ups
20 Deadlifts 185/135 lb

Workout notes

This workout is a three movement workout for time.  The total rep and round count is on the lower side so we’re looking for speed and quick transitions.  We have two bodyweight movements that should take up most of your time based on the number of reps.  The benchmark load on is on the lighter side so we’re looking for a weight you could work through each round in at least 2-4 sets when fresh.  If you find yourself slugging away on the barbell working through the round in small sets, you have gone too heavy!


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