EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Squat clean with pause above the knees

We’re working on more positional weightlifting for today’s skill work.  You will have ten opportunities to work on squat cleans.  In the squat clean we are pulling the bar from the floor with hands just outside of the hips and receiving the bar at the shoulders while descending into a squat prior to standing up to finish the lift.  The pause below the knees gives you a chance to assess your back position in the first pull but more importantly for this skill work you’ll need to concentrate on an aggressive vertical hip drive and rapid descent under the bar as you will have removed any speed normally gained from the first pull.


AMRAP in 12 minutes

2-4-6-8-10-12 …
Left arm dumbbell hang clean & jerk 50/35 lb
Right arm dumbbell hang clean & jerk 50/35 lb
Box Jumps 24/20′

Workout notes

In today’s workout we are pairing a lifting movement with a body weight movement and using an ascending rep scheme. The benchmark rep scheme has you performing an even number of consecutive reps on one arm prior to completing an equal number on your alternate arm. Performing straight sets on one arm will increase the difficulty of the movement when compared with alternating every other rep so look out for heavy fatigue as the rep count gets higher and break up your sets as needed by putting the dumbbell down so you can recover.   Scale the box jumps by height of course or by performing step ups.  You’ll want to regulate your breathing as the rep count gets higher by taking a short rest on top of the box or after you step down.  Concentrate on keeping a consistent pace throughout all reps regardless of where you are in the workout.  In the end your score will be the number of reps in any round you completed both movements plus any additional reps in an incomplete round.  If you finished both movements in the round of 10 and completed all 24 hang clean & jerks in the round of 12, your score would be 10+24.

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