November 29, 2018

By November 28, 2018Workout of the Day


Spend ten minutes working up to a strong effort squat snatch.  The squat snatch is probably the most difficult lift that we do so start light and learn the mechanics of the lift before you start working with heavy loads.  If you are new to the movement start by catching the bar in the power position and slowly ride the bar down into the bottom of your overhead squat. Squat to the deepest depth that you can while keeping your elbows locked out and your shoulders in their optimal position.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes *

Wall ball shots 20/14 lb 10/9 ‘

* 6 Alternating dumbbell snatch 50/35 lb EMOM

Workout notes

Today’s workout will be scored by the  total number of wall ball shots you can complete in ten minutes.  For every minute, starting at 0:00, complete six alternating dumbbell snatches.   Use a dumbbell weight you are confident you can complete an unbroken set of six while fresh.  Even if you are not performing the snatches as touch and go, you want to be able to complete all six in quick succession.  Likewise, use a medicine ball weight that is light enough you can start each round with a large set and without too much rest after the snatches.


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