November 30, 2018

By November 29, 2018Workout of the Day


Every 90s for 12 rounds

20 Double unders then 1 clean & jerk

We have an interesting timing setup for today’s skill work!  We’ll use a ninety second interval timer and you will have twelve opportunities to work up to a strong effort squat clean and jerk.  Start each round with an easy set of double unders.  If you are proficient at the movement complete twenty and then move to the clean and jerk for one lift.  If you are still working on double unders scale the volume to a number you can complete in about twenty to thirty seconds.  If the movement is new to you complete twenty single unders but attempt at least one double under. Give your self a thirty second cap so you have plenty of time to attempt a clean and jerk regardless of how the double unders go.


AMRAP in 7 Minutes

5 Strict press 95/65 lb
15 lateral burpees over the bar

Workout notes

This short workout is a mix of a strong effort strict movement and a high rep conditioning movement.  Scale the barbell load to a light weight and be conservative.  You should easily be able to complete a set of five strict press with the weight you are using in the workout.  The presses will be much harder when you are under fatigue and combined with burpees so be conservative so you can move quickly and avoid breaking those reps up early on.

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