November 8, 2018

By November 7, 2018Workout of the Day


EMOM for 10 Minutes

Push Press + Push jerk +  Split Jerk

In today’s skill work we will work on three of our overhead barbell movements. Each round you will complete three consecutive reps of a push press, push jerk and split jerk.  We’ll start each round with the barbell on the floor and perform a clean prior to starting the overhead sequence.  Each rep in the complex starts with a slight dip by bending at the knees and then an aggressive hip drive to get the bar off of the shoulders.  In the push press you will lock knees and hips after the initial drive and finish by pressing the bar overhead.  Bring the bar back to the shoulders with “soft knees” and restart your dip-drive and then finish by dropping slightly under the bar with your feet in the same position in the push press.  For the third rep perform a full split jerk with your feet in a partial lunge and your weight distributed evenly across both legs.


AMRAP in 7 Minutes
5 Push press 135/95 lb
20 Double unders

Workout notes

This short couplet starts with the first movement from today’s barbell complex.  The Rx load is on the heavier side but the set size is light.  Ideally you could perform a set of five push press very easily with your chosen weight while fresh.   Our second movement is a small set of double unders.  If you are new to the movement this would be a great opportunity to practice the skill!  Scale the total amount of reps to number you can complete in about twenty seconds.  Our workout is short today so set a quick pace from the start and practice quick transitions.


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