September 10, 2019

By September 9, 2019Workout of the Day


Front squat

Work up to a strong effort three rep front squat.  Start light and increase the weight for each set. The focus here should be keeping your torso upright and tracking your knees over your feet. Your elbows should be pointing outward with your chest up.  Actively push your knees out if you feel them caving in so you can reinforce good mechanics.


5 Rounds for time

20 Sit-ups
10 Burpees

Workout notes

This workout is a simple couplet of two classic CrossFit movements.  We’ll be performing vanilla burpees today so all that’s required to “Rx” the workout is a simple jump and clap overhead with your body fully extended.  Sit-ups can be performed with or without an abmat depending on what feels more comfortable.  The best strategy for this workout is to establish a sustainable pace in those first couple of rounds and then keep the intensity high for those final rounds.


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