September 9, 2019

By September 8, 2019Workout of the Day


Power Clean & Push Press


Working from the floor, spend some time working up to a strong effort double in the Push Press.  The skill work today will serve as a warm up and review of the power clean as well as testing a heavy push press.  You don’t need to necessarily go for a max lift today but work up to a weight that challenges you as long as your technique is sound and you are actively pressing the bar and not dropping into a jerk.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

10 Deadlifts 115/85 lbs
10 Push Press 115/85 lbs
10 Front Rack Lunge Steps 115/85 lbs

Workout notes:  The push press or the lunge will be the weight limiting factor in terms of strength so use a weight you anticipate you will be able to sustain small sets even when fatigued.  Going unbroken during any of the movements isn’t a requirement but you definitely should be able to when you are fresh. Be sure to plan out your rest as you move through the workout so you can minimize any extra work.

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