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May 30, 2020

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Saturday super zoom

10 rounds of 60 seconds on 30 seconds off

7 reps of “squat combo” air squat + jumping squat
4 v-ups
max reps mountain climbers

Workout notes

Today we’ll use an interval timer for ten rounds with sixty seconds of work and thirty seconds of rest for each round. Each round starts with a set of seven reps of a squat + squat jump. A single rep of this complex starts with the air squat and ends with a jumping squat. After the squat complex you’ll perform four v-ups. The total buy in will be the fourteen reps in the combo and four v-ups. After you finish the v-ups you’ll use the remaining time to knock out as many mountain climbers as possible. Count each foot forward as a rep. In the end your score will the total number of mountain climbers you complete after ten rounds.

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