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February 14, 2020

By February 13, 2020Workout of the Day


Today is Bring a Friend Friday! No drop in fees today for all classes and no previous CrossFit experience necessary!


EMOM for 10 Minutes
20 seconds of strict pull-ups
40 seconds rest

For today’s skill work we’ll be spending a portion of each minute racking up as many strict pull-ups as possible. Remember that this is skill work so quality over quantity definitely counts here. Do your best to keep a hollow body position while you pull from a dead hang until your chin breaks the plane of the bar.  If you’re not quite ready for strict pull-ups find a band that allows you to get several reps in every twenty seconds.  If you’re working non-stop during each work period your band might be helping you a bit too much.  Ring Rows are also a great option here to get some strict pulling work in or a jumping pull-up with a slow and controlled lower down.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

30 Double unders
20 Medicine ball cleans 20/14 lb
100M Run

We’ve got a fun triplet on the menu today.  Each round will start with a small set of double unders.  If thirty looks like too many, scale this number down to something that is repeatable while under fatigue.  If you haven’t gotten double unders down yet you can also complete thirty single unders per round with one or two double under attempts at the end of each set. The medicine ball clean can seem a bit tricky and confusing at first but spend some time working on it before the workout starts so that you are comfortable with the movement.  You’ll end each round with a run to the wall and back before starting again on the jumprope.

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