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January 14, 2020

By January 13, 2020Workout of the Day


Strict HSPU


1 Strict Press + 4 push press

Today you’ll choose between one of two overhead options, upside down or on your feet!   Feel free to continue working with the same movement you practiced last time or switch it up if that feels right for you.      For the strict HSPU you will be working on kicking up against the wall and performing a straight set of  reps.  You can scale by using one or two abmats as a target. The second movement has us partnering up and using a barbell out of squat rack for an overhead complex. Work up to a strong effort 1 rep strict press + 4 rep push press.  The strict press falls off quickly but so does a 4 rep push press for that matter!  Most of us will find the strict press to be the limiting factor but that’s okay. Stick to the rep scheme and keep that first rep strict.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

10 Alternating one arm devil press 50/35 lb
10 See-the-lights sit-ups 25/15 lb

Workout notes

Today we have a moderate length couplet with a couple of unfamiliar movements.  Each round starts with a set of ten one arm alternating devil press.  For this variant you will use one dumbbell and alternate arms each rep.  Start with a burpee and keep one hand on the dumbbell, as you leave the deck you’ll bring the dumbbell off the floor and finish with it overhead prior to alternating.   A snatch or clean and jerk is acceptable.  This movement is probably new to you but keep in mind it’s simply a burpee plus a one arm dumbbell ground to overhead where you will alternate arms every rep.  Next you’ll knock out a set of see-the-lights sit-ups.  Keep a plate overhead with straight arms and make the movement a strict as possible.



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