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In teams of 2 or 3

AMRAP in 30 Minutes

40 Burpees
30 Sandbag bear hug squats 100/70 lb
400M Run as a team

Workout notes

Partner up or find a team for today’s workout!  We’ll tackle this long duration workout in teams of two or three.  Each round starts with forty burpees then thirty sandbag squats with one person in the group working at a time.   There is no prescribed amount that each partner needs to do so divide the reps up between partners as you see fit.   To maximize your performance make sure someone is always working while the other partners are resting and try to never have anyone resting for two long. Keep your burpees in small sets of 1,2 0r 3 to keep the speed of each burpee up.  When it comes to the sandbag squats you’ll want your set sizes to be bigger to minimize transition time.  Use a sandbag weight that all partners can easily squat for several reps when fresh.  After you’ve finished your work in the gym the team will head out on a 400M run together and then start working on another round when everyone returns.

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