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At Home WOD

For time:

1 mile run
100 alternating devil press

Workout Notes

Today’s workout might look simple at first glance, but be prepared for a grind. Start your workout with a one-mile run. Push yourself, but maintain a pace that allows you to start the devil presses immediately upon return. If you are looking for a substitute, go for 1600-2000 meters of rowing or 4000-5000 meters on an assault bike. A “regular” bike ride would be a great start to this workout too. An alternating devil press is essentially a burpee + a ground to overhead movement. Start with a burpee keeping one hand on your piece of equipment. Once you stand up from your burpee, finish with what is essentially a snatch. Get creative to find a weight that works for you. A dumbbell, kettlebell or plate are all good options. Switch hands and repeat for one-hundred reps. Looking for a scaling option? Ditch the weight and knock out one hundred burpees instead. Remember to join the 6pm zoom class with Coach Jakob!

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