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At Home WOD

With a clock set for 21 minutes:

[1’s] V-ups
[2’s] double unders
[3’s] air squats

Workout Notes

Twenty-one minutes on the clock today. You will hit each exercise seven times and your score will be total reps. V-ups can be difficult to maintain for such a a long period of time. Prioritize getting your upper body and legs off the ground simultaneously. Your butt should be the only thing in contact with the floor at the top of your V-up. If you begin to fatigue or hit failure, consider switching to tuck-ups or another core exercise. Next, move on to double unders. Shoot to start with a large set! A few other options include: box jumps, lateral hops, or jumping jacks. If you have a rower or an assault bike, feel free to use it during this minute. Finally, finish with one minute of air squats. Add weight if you want! Plan rest strategically and pace accordingly. See you all at 9am for zoom class with Kirsten and Matt!

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