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At Home WOD

10 rounds of 90 seconds on, 30 seconds off:

8 weighted step ups
6 push press
4 hang snatch

Workout Notes

Treat each round like an AMRAP today. Complete as many rounds as possible in each ninety second period. Try to choose one weight that you can use across all movements. Start with eight weighted step ups. Hold your weight however you would like but make sure to keep your chest tall. Follow that up with six push presses. No need to alternate, but distribute the work evenly between both arms. Drive up with your legs and finish with your weight locked out over head. Remember, once your legs are locked out, they stay locked out. Finally, finish with four hang snatches. Utilize a swing between your legs in-between reps. The movement is similar to a one-arm kettlebell swing. Make sure to start each round with eight weighted step ups regardless of where you finished in the previous round. Count your rounds and extra reps separately for your score today. Tune in at 12pm for zoom class with Coach Alex!

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