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At Home WOD

AMRAP 20 minutes

400m run
max set of strict push-ups

Workout Notes

Think “Nicole” for today’s workout. Your workout will be scored by number of rounds and total push-ups completed. Other than that, it’s pretty straight-forward. Each round will start with a four-hundred meter run followed by a max set of push-ups. Feel free to choose whichever push-up style you would like. Go until you hit failure! No resting on the ground or in the top of a plank though. Coaches will be driving around Davis all day to make sure no one is cheating. Penalties for cheating include: washing Coach Alex A’s Prius, more push-ups, posting an embarrassing picture in the “CFD At Home” Facebook group, or singing fifteen seconds of your favorite song in the Saturday Zoom class. Run fast and get swole!

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