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Saturday Super Zoom

For time:

400m run
50 cleans
400m run
50 jerks
400m run
50 front squats
400m run

Workout Notes

Choose your equipment wisely today! Make sure it is a weight that you are comfortable knocking out large sets of cleans, jerks, and squats with. There is a total of one mile of running throughout today’s workout. Feel free to substitute rowing or biking if you would like. Each clean will start from the ground. With an engaged back, drive your weight up to your shoulder and catch in a partial squat. Alternate if you are using a single piece of equipment. For the jerks, shoot to get equal work done on each side, but feel free to knock out many reps in a row with the same arm before switching. Utilize a strong leg drive and a dip in the catch. Make sure to finish with arms and legs locked out at the top of each rep. Goblet squats are a great alternative to front squats. Air squats work too! See you all at 9am for Saturday Zoom class!

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